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Thanks to private donations and to the motivation and commitment of Jouzour Loubnan multidisciplinary team, in summary, we have planted in various regions of Lebanon including Kfardebiane, Chabrouh, Ehden, Bcharreh, Jaj, Ehmej, Harf Shlifa/Btedhi, Zaarour, Damour, Jezzine, Ebel Saki, Aynata, Sarada a total of 300,000 trees.
The species of the native trees planted vary in accordance to the nature of the land and soil we are planting in, to preserve its ecosystem and enhance its biodiversity. Some of the trees planted are Lebanese Cedars, Junipers, Pine, Carob, Wild Almond, Oak, Wild Prune, Walnut, Chestnut trees, and many more native Lebanese trees. They were sourced at nurseries in various regions contributing in their economic development. Our insistence on planting a variety of native trees on each site in order to increase the resilience of the rehabilitated ecosystem through biodiversity has led key public and private stakeholders to take this approach and include it in their specifications for forestation campaigns.
Based on that methodology, the survival rate of the trees planted has been over 90% so far; a significant part of the minor loss was due to human activity such as irresponsible ski-doo, ATV, etc.
Last but not least, we are successfully operating the Laboratory for Seed Germination and Conservation at Saint Joseph University - Faculty of sciences which had been financed by Jouzour Loubnan; more than 26 million seeds for 300 different taxa with around 700 accessions for native species are stocked and conserved out of which 50 species have their germination protocol defined after many experiments and efforts.


Capacity building is also one of our main objectives, which is reached indirectly but efficiently
through the success of our forestation campaigns and our regular contacts and lobbying with the
local community.
Our efforts have led to extremely successful results with the municipalities of Kfardebian, Ehmej and
Ainata, which have been very pro-active, since they have adopted the forestation projects as their
own, while getting actively involved and requesting further forestation efforts. Ainata Municipality
has even started new forestation efforts on its own.


We conducted extensive awareness campaigns through: Presentations and workshops targeted to students in schools and universities;the participation of local communities, corporate employees and independent volunteers in our plantation days; the involvement of the municipalities in our pre-planning and execution of the forestation projects; the involvement and participation of the UNIFIL and the Lebanese army in one of our plantation campaigns; our participation in fairs and festivals within the city and in villages; the patronage of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Agriculture, as well as the involvement of many other Ministers and official bodies in our projects opening ceremonies (Kfardebiane & Ainata); the fundraising gala dinner, its exposure to decision makers and the general public; the outdoor awareness campaign encouraging the Lebanese public to take action and support forestation initiatives; he local media exposure and our constant online communication.


Jouzour Loubnan celebrated 10 years of reforestation with more than 300,000 native trees planted, nurtured and protected across Lebanon on the 21st of September 2018 at MusicHall Waterfront with the presence of donors, sponsors, supporters and friends! 

It also launched its annual awareness campaign for 2018:

"أرزتنا حلوة مطبوعة بس أحلى مزروعة" 




With 20$ ONLY you can adopt a Cedar and we will plant it for you and protect it until it is independant!

FOR YOUR DONATIONS click on ADOPT A CEDAR or call us on 71 124000


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